Day: March 22, 2019

Ότι μακράν

Traditional Song of Smyrna black smoke, black smoke like cloud, from my heart comes out, when I remember you’ re away, far away, my sweetheart…

Anita Ekberg

Λεύκα μου

Δίψασες, Λεύκα μου, κουράστηκες, ρίξε τίς ρίζες σου σε μένα.  Ήρθε βοριάς και ξεμαλλιάστηκες, πάρ’ την καρδούλα μου για χτένα.  Όλα δικά σου, μάτια μου, και ο πόνος σου δικός μου…  

The Three Fates, 1971. Acrylic, 1,402 x 2,064 m. Yannis Pappas (ΕΓΠ_78)

Simple questions

Why do bad things happen to good people? I wonder, like you do. This is a simple but a great question. It is “THE question”, Or -at least- one of the questions which belongs to a group of questions that we are not able to … Continue reading Simple questions