Dorothea & Kids



My “Hope Project” is a project to make my friends laugh a bit… lol.  Because I love them and I care for them.  One night I said to my self : “Listen, my dear self, We Are the Stories”.

Dorothea is a friend of mine.  Her name means : a gift from God.  So, if it happens to call you Dorothy, you’ re a gift from God.  Same thing if your name is Theodore.  You’ re a gift, Theodore.  She is a teacher, & she cares for her children.  I mean she cares not only for her own kids but for your kids too.  A nice way to cultivate their ANIMA (soul) is to take them to the theatre.  Not only to watch a theatrical performance but to show them the whole atmosphere inside the theatre, to have a discussion with the actors, to take a look at the backstage, to “smell” & to discover.  I’m talking about the theatre, dear friends, not the cinema.  I’m sure you understand there is a difference.  There are common things, but being a theatrical actor is much more different & much more difficult.  A theatrical actor is like Hercules.  Live performances in front of the audience & blah blah…  He or She has to accomplish an achievement every time they are on the stage.  The achievement is to be ready -psychologically- to come face to face with the audience, LIVE.  The second goal or achievement is to be PERFECT.  There is no “Stop, let’s do it again. Relax, take your time.  Action, Cut, Montage, Special Effects”. Now, you understand the reason why.

As long as there are kids, & flowers, & animals on the Earth, DO NOT be afraid of anything.  Everything is just FINE.

The name of the following theatre is “Prova” which means rehearsal.  You may visit the page and take a look.  Not only they play for young audiences, but they also offer drama classes.

Take care, dear friends, & thank you all for visiting my “Living room” & for reading my posts.




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