Because of you

WordPress Community, friends & followers :

I want you to know that not only I follow back but I read your posts.  It doesn’t matter if your post is written in your mother’s language.   This is the reason we have the “translation -תרגום -traducción -μετάφραση -tafsiri -Übersetzung -ukuhumusha -翻訳 -översättning ” button (actually the button is an application…😅 very useful & plenty of mistakes …hahahahaha…).   On the other hand, I feel privileged because I speak more than two languages, my mother’s and someone else’s mother’s language.  I’m grateful to my parents on this & to my curiosity.  And at this point I want your opinion : Do you think a writer should be -at least- bilingual ?  What do you think ?

Additionally, not only I re-blog but I share your posts to my facebook pages & I do the same with the Twitter application, & I ask from the People the following : to visit your web-pages and read the wonderful content (words & things) of yours.

Here’s a funny dialogue between the “Writer” & the “Human” (LoL… 😄😂😅) , written by a twitter follower & author named  J. Mae or @Vemiryn

Writer: I wrote a book !

Human: That’s awesome! What is it about ?

W: Ummm… stuff ?

H: You can’t describe your own book ?

W: It has words and things ?

        (you may click on the links to have some taste of what is going on.  This is the reason I like to write them down.  And to be able to compare words & stuff 😄😂😅 )

Last but not least is the that I’ve noticed there is something wrong with the writers.  I mean they have lost their “naturalness”.  They promote their words & stuff in strange and unnatural ways.  What do you think ?

Once again, I would like to express my gratitude and thank you for your “likes”, stuff & words !  Enjoy !


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