STOP IT - Thank you

A request to the Greek bloggers


This is an awesome video which is titled : “Best things to do in Athens …” . Enjoy !
By the way Christine Kaaloa is a wonderful #traveler &world tour guide. Here’s her you-tube channel where you can watch her adventures from all over the world, please subscribe & like her videos, because we all need a nice gesture & because she deserves it:

Additionally, Greek bloggers, STOP stealing her content. If you live in #Greece it’s easy for you to create your own content. She doesn’t live in Greece, & the only way to fund her trips is through the content she creates. You have to respect this if you really know how hard this is. You may share her content through the sources & web platforms she offers it. Thank you, dear friends & followers, & Greek bloggers for listening & for respecting my request.


This is another video where she explains what has happened : 

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