Day: March 18, 2019


Because of you

WordPress Community, friends & followers : I want you to know that not only I follow back but I read your posts.  It doesn’t matter if your post is written in your mother’s language.   This is the reason we have the “translation -תרגום -traducción -μετάφραση … Continue reading Because of you

STOP IT - Thank you

A request to the Greek bloggers

PLEASE : This is an awesome video which is titled : “Best things to do in Athens …” . Enjoy ! By the way Christine Kaaloa is a wonderful #traveler &world tour guide. Here’s her you-tube channel where you can watch her adventures from all over the world, please … Continue reading A request to the Greek bloggers

Which “School” do you prefer ?

OLDER OR MODERN WRITERS ? Let’s put it this way : When at home & you ‘re standing in front of your bookcase, who do you visit more often ? 😄 Feel free to make your comments. Feel like… your home !

Happy St Patrick's

Happy St Patrick’s

Irish People : Enjoy !