Day: March 15, 2019

Γιατί ;

Μ' άρθρο ενικού σ' αριθμό πληθυντικό.

θυμάσαι ;

Έλα να παίξουμε σκοινάκι, όπως παλιά.  Θυμάσαι ;

Machi Dimou

The moment of discovery

It is always exciting : And the main reason why you should become an archaeologist.   This is a wooden ancient Egyptian sarcophagus in Abydos !  Click on Machi Dimou , follow her wonderful page, like her, make comments, get informed, share.

Theodora Kokkinou Art

Fine Arts : Theodora was born in Athens in 1967. Using Fine Arts and Music as the main communication means, she worked for 10 years (1994-2004) in Art Therapy (research and practice), mainly in public psychiatric Greek hospitals (Leros, Athens). So far, her work has … Continue reading Theodora Kokkinou Art