Donate your hair

It is self – explanatory.  Click on the 5 STEPS or ASK  – people –  your hairdresser OR UNCLE GOOGLE.

The following is a discussion with a wonderful lady that I had the pleasure to “meet” on the “Air”  by luck.  She asked her twitter friends : “I had my hair cut.  What do you think, friends ?”.  So, I said to my self “here’s your chance, ask her…”.

– Did you donate your hair, Ms A.R. Pearson ?

– There wasn’t enough to donate.  Otherwise, I would TOTALLY DONATE MY HAIR .  The difference you can make by donating your hair is amazing. We currently have several children at my school donating their hair at the moment. It’s a wonderful gift to give if you can do it. ❤

I really liked her answer.  Especially when she said -actually she “wrote”, she typed- “TOTALLY” wholehearted !  And, by the way, A. R. Pearson happens to be a writer.  I didn’t know, till I “met” her.  Here’s her book which is titled :  The Wayfarer’s Journey  It’s a fantasy fiction novel, and the story will be told over two books.  And you may click on Excerpt  if you wish to read a bit of her story.

And as I always say : Thank you, dear friends, for your nice gesture, we all need one.


Locks of Love
Locks of Love

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