“How many languages ?” with Christine Kaaloa


Christine says : “It’s helpful to learn a bit of a country’s language when you travel. But being multilingual can also turn on you. (Apologies in advance if I’ve butchered anyone’s language.)”

Outosego says that learning foreign languages is a “ticket” or a “vehicle” or the media that will help you travel not only around the world but back in time where you can meet old Souls, people and their thoughts, and as Cavafy states in his poem:

ideal voices and lovely ones of those who have died / or those who are lost for us like the dead ones / sometimes they talk to us in our dreams / sometimes mind can hear them inside the thought / and with their sound / they come back -for a moment- sounds from the first poetry of our life / like music in the long night that switch off

Here’ s a link to watch Christine Kaaola and her adventures around the world.  You may subscribe, make comments and ask questions, and share her you-tube videos.  This will be a nice gesture, and we all need at least or at last one nice gesture :  Christine kaaloa



Ιδανικές φωνές κι αγαπημένες
εκείνων που πεθάναν, ή εκείνων που είναι
για μάς χαμένοι σαν τους πεθαμένους.
Κάποτε μες στα όνειρά μας ομιλούνε·
κάποτε μες στην σκέψι τες ακούει το μυαλό.

Και με τον ήχο των για μια στιγμή επιστρέφουν
ήχοι από την πρώτη ποίησι τής ζωής μας —
σα μουσική, την νύχτα, μακρυνή, που σβύνει.

Click on the Cavafy Archive  ...and here' s a link to :  your mother's language


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