Yeshua or Jesus

It’s your mother’s FAULT :

You may call Him as you wish.  It’s NOT a Sin.  It’s just your mother’s FAULT !… lol 😄👉🌹

I have a huge respect for your mother’s language, and you may click on Your Mother’s Language  to read a funny article I wrote on this topic.  The reason I’m sitting in front of my laptop right now to write this one is because I hear voices saying “It’s a Sin to call Him like this.  You should call Him like that.”.  Well, here is my answer:  Ask your mother!

The New Testament was written in Greek, the Devil’s language … 🙀 .  I assume it is well known that the Devil speaks Koine Greek.  This is the reason you should call him Yeshua.  Another reason is that Hebrew and Aramaic languages are great languages with their own meaning and historical depth.

The Devil’s language happens to have a meaning and a historical depth like Hebrew and Aramaic, and like your mother’s language.  If  Yeshua is the shelter of a deeper or a deepest meaning which is the “Healer”, the “Savior”, the “Rescuer”, call Him Yeshua.  You don’t have to feel guilty for not calling Him Jesus.  Actually, Jesus means the same… lol .  It means the “Healer”, the “Physician”, the “Doctor”.  The name in Devil’s language is Ιησούς (from Ίασις = Cure).  The name became Jesus, in English, because the two first vowels make the pronunciation long and difficult for the people who speak English. So, they had to find a way to make their mother’s life easier and they had to dive deep into the sea of phonetics.   When they came back into view, they had a “J” (tz) with them.

Please, if it happens to come from Asia, write Yeshua’s or Jesus’ name in your language.  I’m curious and I ‘ll keep an eye…  Make your comment without feeling guilty for your mother’s language.  You ‘re not a Sinner.  It’s just your mother’s “fault” …lol… 😁😂👉🌹

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