Gramatica, bat-o vina

Between grammar and seduction is a fine line. Often, not noticeable. For this reason, many bodies are lost and many minds do not meet in the middle. When grammar “irresistibly” beats any pure form of conquest, it is clear that a “beautiful woman” has sneaked, all at once, into this aggressive man-driven journey of hormones and less of neurons.

Knowing how to properly speak your native language is not a fad. Even though for some it has become a luxury that can not be touched and made more difficult. Seduction is not only through the signs of the body. Seduction is done both in writing and in plain language everyday! And when you get words you only get away from the “prey”. And we’re not talking about any prey.

Knowing how to express yourself correctly is first and foremost a proof of “self-respect”! And how many have not already done this test … When going up to the club is easier than going to the library.

Do you conquer a woman with words or deeds ? You may not be able to do anything if the words are not desirable. Words have weight. Both in writing and in the rest. They must be carefully chosen and laid out in a sublime and playful rhythm.

Seduction is an art. So is the grammar. Knowing how to combine them perfectly is the finest foreplay ever met.


Între gramatică și seducție este o linie fină. De cele mai multe ori, insesizabilă. Din motivul acesta multe trupuri ajung neatinse și multe minți nu se întâlnesc la mijloc. Atunci când gramatica „bate” iremediabil orice formă pură de cucerire, e limpede că un „cf frumoas-o” s-a strecurat, deloc întâmplător, în tot acest voiaj agresiv al bărbatului condus de hormoni și mai puțin de neuroni.

Să știi să vorbești corect limba maternă nu este un moft. Chiar dacă pentru unii a devenit un lux greu de atins și din ce în ce mai bagatelizat. Seducția nu se face doar prin semnele trupului. Seducția se face atât în scris cât și în graiul pur de zi cu zi! Iar când pocești cuvinte nu faci decât să te îndepărtezi din ce în ce mai mult de „pradă”. Și nu vorbim de orice pradă.

Să știi să te exprimi corect este, în primul rând…

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3 thoughts on “Gramatica, bat-o vina

    1. My answer comes a bit late. My apologies. You ‘re very welcome. Actually, I’m impressed from the way you write. I like to read what people have to say, the way they express themselves. I observe & I learn. When I see something exceptional I share it through other media, not only by re-blogging . This is how I use twitter & facebook (not only for my fun, but to promote to my friends & followers people, thoughts, words, things & “stuff” that have value). On the other hand, I know it’s difficult to translate poetry or literature -in general- which is written in another language. You understand the reason why. However I try to do my best.
      Thanks again for your kind words. Take care & enjoy Racol ta Petru.


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