A Shepherdess I loved

a girl desired by all
and I loved her very much
a songless bird I was
merely a boy & ten years old

One day sitting on the blossomed plains:
Maro, I ‘ll tell you a word
embarrassed I am to say
Maro, I said to her, I love you
I’m crazy for you

From the waist she grabbed me
she kissed me on the lips and told me:
For the sighs
for the sorrows of love
too young you ‘re yet

I grew up and my heart still yearns for her
her heart asks for another
forgetting the orphaned heart
unforgettable, though, remains HER KISS


PS : This is the best translation I was able to accomplish for a few lyrics of a poem which belongs to George Zalokostas, who lived during 1805 – 1858, and its original title is “The Kiss“.  This poem became a song.  The melody was based on the italian cantata (derived from the Italian word “cantare”) of 19th century.  The song became popular because of a theatrical play “Shepherdess’s lover” (dramatic romance) in 1891. The composer of the song, for the needs of the theatrical play, was George Lambiris. It is assumed that the original composer was Paul Karrer.

I really love the lyrics and the melody and I provide one video -NOT in greek- but the Ladino version of the song, performed by Yasmin Levy during the Roza Eskenazi Tribute Concert on March 16th 2010 at Thessaloniki.





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