Day: March 4, 2019



Calypso's legs.  The Legs !  


Το Δράμα

Εκ τού δράω -ώ, που σημαίνει ενεργώ.  Πρόκειται για ένα από τα τρία λογοτεχνικά είδη τής αρχαίας ελληνικής ποίησης που προήλθε από την λατρεία τού θεού Διονύσου.  Τα άλλα δύο λογοτεχνικά είδη είναι το “Έπος” και η “Λυρική” ποίηση (το τραγούδι, δηλαδή).  Το “Δράμα” περιλαμβάνει … Continue reading Το Δράμα

Μάνος Κατράκης

I hear you

I hear you | I hear you. I hear you coming… hahahahahahaha… I’ve tricked you five times. Five wars… prisons, standing on the wall… hahahahaha… I tricked you. I hear you. I hear you coming. I hear you…

Sassy, Spicy, and Single

“Singlehood is a time to make your life as flavorful as possible”

Rhonda Marcelle


Following is an excerpt from my first book. This particular chapter focuses on the importance of  pursuing and living your best single girl life with sass and spice (insert wink here).

Chapter 4: You’re accepting the breakup as a lesson learned, an opportunity for personal growth, a blessing in disguise, You’re living life in the Single Lane. But that’s no excuse to be bland. It’s only an excuse to regain or even better…upgrade your sassy and your spicy.

Sassy: Lively, bold, and full of spirit.

Spicy: Exciting! Flavorful!

Fun Is Necessary!

Being single and miserable, or miserably single, should not be your adopted style of choice…not ever! Singlehood is a time to make your life as flavorful as possible, Have fun–and loads of it. Fun can and must be had in a variety of ways. Hanging out with your family, having slumber parties with your besties, salsa dancing…

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How much love

Jesus: Love ... Outosego: How much ? Jesus: No more than you love yourself !