Father figure

I had a little chat chat with a young priest a few days ago.  A very nice humble guy.  I mentioned in a previous post that I’m not religious.  I think God is on vacation.  He worked hard for six days.  The job is done, now he is resting.  And is because I try to come in touch and he is never there.  I asked the young man for his decision to become a priest, his motivation, if there was someone in his family…

He said: No, there is no one in the family.  It is because I realized very early in my life that the church is the place where I can find the missing part of me, it brings me peace.

I asked him if he believes in the existence of God, and what is God anyway ?  And why God is “He” and not “She”, and what about if there is a God for the God, and another one for the God of the God.  And where was he when his son asked for him.  His mother, brothers and sisters were there.  What kind of father figure is HE ?

To be continued, dear friends, because I am tired, angry, annoyed, pissed, and I need some rest.  My apologies.

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