Day: March 3, 2019

A Gift with Some Memories

"She told us that our Dad, who was her lawyer, had paid her mortgage for some months until she could find a better job allowing her to keep her home. We were blown away – we had no idea that had happened."


...not my palzy walzy


…with the Time & the Sun

Ulysses's Confessions

Είμαι για σένα

-Είμαι γύρω σου, είμαι πλάι σου, φωναξέ με, είμαι για σένα τής είπα -Την τελείωσες

All The World Was His Stage

"Thanks for always being there to save my ass, And fuck those critics who doubted I had class."

Souls and Bodies

Souls & Bodies

I’ ve reached to a point of loving you, feeling you, finding you… in my previous life I was sentenced to love ! Souls & Bodies travel around time, they change names and… once again… [Ψυχές και Σώματα στον χρόνο γυρνάνε.  Αλλάζουν ονόματα, και… πάλι … Continue reading Souls & Bodies

Shardad Rohani

Exceptional moment

Karen Briggs | Shahrdad Rohani